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TRAVEL & ENTERTAINMENT: Welcome to BroadwaySF’s “Hadestown” – Where a Song Can Change Your Fate!

Jun 17, 2022
by Val Hornstein
The touring production of “Hadestown,” currently performing at BroadwaySF’s Orpheum Theatre (1192 Market Street) in San Francisco through July 3, 2022, is truly enthralling from beginning to end, as it intertwines two mythic tales – that of young dreamers Orpheus and Eurydice, and that of King Hades and his wife Persephone, as it invites audiences on quite the journey to the underworld and back. “Hadestown” is highlighted by a stunning musical score by Anais Mitchell that blends unforgettably catchy swinging jazz, folk, blues, gospel and pop tunes.

Mitchell’s melodies and innovative director Rachel Chavkin’s poetic imagination pit industry against nature, doubt against faith, and fear against love. Performed by a vibrant ensemble of actors, dancers and singers, “Hadestown” is a haunting, yet hopeful theatrical experience that is certain to grab you and never let go.

Overseen by a wry narrator in Hermes (Levi Kreis), Orpheus (Nicholas Barasch) is trying to write a melody so beautiful it can make spring come back in the form of Persephone (Kimberly Marable) and make Eurydice (Morgan Siobhan Green) fall in love with him.

When, cold and hungry, Eurydice bargains away her freedom to partake in the wealth and comfort of industrial czar Hades (Kevyn Morrow), Orpheus’ song must break down walls on his long, harrowing path to Hell to win her back. It must be so powerful and transporting as to melt the frozen heart of Hades, reminding him of what it is to be young and in love with his wife, Persephone, again, so that he grants Eurydice permission to leave.

Finally, it must buoy Orpheus on his journey back. Hades has said Eurydice can return only if the two can make it out without Orpheus ever looking back at her. That means his song, sung haltingly to himself, must keep him company in place of Eurydice and chase away nagging doubts.

The touring cast is superb, especially Kimberly Marable, as a sardonic, fed up but fun-loving Persephone. Kevyn Morrow is a smooth, jealous lover with a sinister baritone as her husband, Hades, lord of the dead. Levi Kreis makes a charismatic, convincing narrator as the god Hermes.

Nicholas Barasch sings in a haunting tenor as Orpheus, and Morgan Siobhan Green’s struggling, world-weary Eurydice is touching, yet vulnerable with him. Belén Moyano, Bex Odorisio and Shea Renne come across as menacing as the taunting Fates. The entire chorus of laborers is also terrific, as they chant their infectious work song down below or do jubilant dances choreographed by David Neumann.

One of the gifts of “Hadestown” is to understand that an older, jaded married couple can fall in love with each other again, and that such a narrative can be just as romantic and breathless as a young lovers’ tale, even as it’s counterbalanced by young love’s loss.

“Hadestown” runs two hours and 40 minutes, with one intermission. For tickets or more information please phone 888-746-1799 or visit www.broadwaysf.com.

* * * * *

Photo caption: Kevyn Morrow (top left), Kimberly Marable, Morgan Siobhan Green (bottom left), Levi Kreis and Nicholas Barasch in “Hadestown.” (Photo: T Charles Erickson / BroadwaySF)


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