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TRAVEL & ENTERTAINMENT: The Marsh Unveils New Daily Programming on Marshstream

Sep 25, 2020
The Marsh continues to offer a wide variety of new programming at 7:30pm nightly on MarshStream, its popular broadcast platform. Offerings through September 30 include: a harrowing and affirming story of a teenager who faced the challenge of a life without food or drink; a college student’s life-changing moment; a performance by two exciting new songwriter/musicians; a Black doctor’s unsettling experience of being constantly mistaken for random celebrities; additional performances of Brian Copeland’s captivating drama, “The Waiting Period;” and much more (see latest schedule below).

The program launched in April and has received overwhelmingly enthusiastic response, with hundreds flocking to view and participate each night. MarshStream programming varies daily, with Monday Night MarshStream (short performances by a variety of artists), Wild Card Tuesdays (everything from book/writer discussions, sing-a-longs, Tell It On Tuesday, to Sound Healing and Restorative Yoga), Wednesday Solo Arts Heal (offering stories of health, advocacy, and inspiration), Stephanie’s MarshStream on Thursday nights (interview, bantering, Q&A, and performance excerpts, moderated by Marsh founder Stephanie Weisman), plus Bingo! hosted by Josh Kornbluth, live full-length performance concert readings, archived performance streams, performance development classes, and more. A noon series includes CJ’s FitnesSing weekly singing lesson and fitness class, plus a Super Slow Weight Training and Zoomba Room. Content is offered at 7:30pm nightly, and mid-day throughout the week via Zoom, YouTube, Instagram, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and iTunes. MarshStream viewers are asked to contribute whatever they can afford. Donations can be made by joining The Marsh’s membership program and via a virtual “tip jar” both on the website, with funds going to support and sustain The Marsh and its performances. For more information, please visit www.themarsh.org/marshstream.

Monday Night MarshStream

7:30pm, Monday, September 28

Featuring short story performances by Tommi Avicolli Mecca and other performers (TBA). Mecca’s the little brown jacket recounts the life-changing moment that came when Mecca was attending university while living with his Catholic, conservative, Italian family in South Philadelphia. He saw an ad in the school newspaper for a Gay Liberation Front coffee hour, and nothing could have prepared him for what happened next.

Wildcard Tuesdays

7:30pm, Tuesday, September 29

Tell It On Tuesday (TIOT), performers TBA.

Solo Arts Heal

7:30pm, Wednesday, September 30 – Amy Oestreicher’s Gutless & Grateful

Special guest Amy Oestreicher. Hosted by Gail Schickele.

Through interwoven song and dialogue, Amy Oestreicher shares a primal piece of live storytelling in Gutless & Grateful. Growing up, Oestreicher had ambitions plans for Broadway… until she abruptly developed a blood clot and was rushed to the hospital, where her stomach exploded in the operating room and both of her lungs collapsed. Waking up from a coma several months later, Oestreicher was told that she no longer had a stomach and it was uncertain she would ever be able to eat or drink again. After 27 surgeries and six years of being unable to drink a drop of fluid, Oestreicher’s digestive system was miraculously reconstructed. She will be joined by Gail Schickele for a LIVE post-performance Q&A and discussion, sharing her healing experience that was made possible through “gutsiness,” gratitude, and an overabundance of humor.

BINGO! with Josh Kornbluth

7:30pm, Fridays

Hosted by Josh Kornbluth

Audience members are invited to play five FREE games of BINGO! with prizes for the winner of each round. On September 4, attendees will be encouraged to present their best political chant, slogan, or poster after the BINGO broadcast!

Solo Performer Spotlight

7:30pm, Saturday, September 26 – Brian Copeland’s The Waiting Period, with LIVE post performance Q&A

Written by Brian Copeland and directed by David Ford, The Waiting Period is a deeply moving and surprisingly funny work that outlines Copeland’s own struggles with depression and suicidal thought, and is presented at no cost to remove all barriers for those who may be struggling with depression themselves. This captivating drama provides an unrelenting look at a key turning point in Copeland’s life—the mandatory ten-day waiting period before he could lay his hands on the newly purchased gun with which he planned to take his own life. Laced with surprisingly funny moments that serve as a buffer against the grim reality of his intentions, Copeland hopes this very personal, and ultimately redemptive, story will reach people who struggle with depression—often called the last stigmatized disease—as well as their families and loved ones.

To simulate the feeling of waiting in the lobby until a theater opens, The Marsh has created the MarshStream Studio Waiting Room. Available 30 minutes prior to each performance/event for Marsh members, and 15 minutes prior to the general public, the Waiting Room can be joined via Zoom Room where guests can mix and mingle, or viewed on YouTube live, with additional entertainment such as unique content, live music, and even prizes.

The Marsh is known as “a breeding ground for new performance.” It was launched in 1989 by Founder and Artistic Director Stephanie Weisman, and now annually hosts more than 600 performances of 175 shows across the company’s two venues in San Francisco and Berkeley. A leading outlet for solo performers,

* * * * *

Photo caption: Through interwoven song and dialogue, Amy Oestreicher (pictured) shares her astonishing healing journey in her multi-award winning "Gutless & Grateful," with a LIVE post-performance Q&A 7:30pm, Sept. 30 via The Marsh's Marsh


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