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“KITCHEN GOURMET” – Mary Macleod’s Artisan Shortbread Cookies Are Like No Other!

Apr 03, 2020
Mary Macleod’s Shortbread has been baking super premium shortbread cookies in Canada for almost 40 years. Now, these premium “All butter” cookies are available in the U.S. Today, this second generation woman-owned family bakery still bakes Mary’s way – by hand, in small batches, using top quality ingredients, including local creamery butter, custom-blended flours, rich Belgian chocolate, and pure maple. The result is unforgettably delicious cookies.

Mary Macleod’s Shortbread was founded in 1981. She began baking her signature Chocolate Crunch shortbread from a small shop under the marquee of the Capitol Theatre in Toronto. Her shortbread was an instant hit and after 35 years it’s still a Toronto, and now, international favorite. A true original, hers was the first business in Canada devoted exclusively to making artisanal shortbread.

As a wee lass back home in Glasgow, Scotland, Mary learned to bake from her mother and French grandmother. Perhaps it’s this French connection that gives her iconic Scottish cookie its certain je ne sais quoi? Either way you slice it – or shape it, or roll it – the recipe is a closely-guarded secret, handed down from Grandmother to Mother, to Mary, and now, from Mary to her daughter-in-law, Sharon.

Even though Mary is no longer with us, her spirit lives on in each batch of handmade cookies that is produced her way.

At the heart of the cookie’s renowned quality and passionate customer loyalty, is Mary’s unwavering belief that high-quality shortbread must be handmade in small batches from only the best ingredients possible. From a short list of excellent ingredients Mary and daughter-in-law, Sharon, have created unforgettable flavors including the classic Traditional shortbread, velvety Dutch Chocolate, sweet Maple Crunch, Espresso Chocolate, Butterscotch, and Mary’s signature Chocolate Crunch shortbread. The Chocolate Crunch is the most popular flavor, with pure Belgian chocolate chunks mixed into a premium all-butter shortbread. You must try it for a unique and delicious crunchy experience!

Gift giving is all about showing someone special how much you appreciate, love and care for them. A tin of Mary Macleod’s premium, gourmet shortbread cookies makes gift giving memorable as these delicious cookies feel like a hug from home. One may pick from an extensive assortment of beautiful packages filled with all butter shortbread cookies. These cookies are certain to have you covered when you’re in need of a tasty treat.

Look for Mary Macleod’s Shortbread cookies at select gourmet shops and boutique retailers across Canada and now in the U.S. For more information on Mary Macleod’s Shortbread please visit www.marymacleod.com.


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