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“KITCHEN GOURMET”: The Naked Market – Snacking Healthy!

Feb 07, 2020
The Naked Market was created by three friends who came together over their love of food and displeasure with the lack of truly healthy options on the market.

Still, while the definition of "healthy" has changed over recent years, “big brand” products continue to saturate the market.

But now there is The Naked Market, which has built an omni-channel food and beverage platform that creates and launches health oriented brands/products across a variety of categories. The Naked Market prides itself on embracing its direct relationship with consumers and having the infrastructure to quickly bring the trending products they are seeking. More important, The Naked Market makes sure that each of these brands is aligned with a meaningful cause or charity.

The Naked Market team, along with its advisory board of food and beverage veterans, is on a mission to create the CPG company of the future. One that leaves consumers feeling great -- both on the inside and out!

To that subject, everyone loves to snack, yet snacking healthy can be hard! That's why The Naked Market has come up with a scrumptious snack idea -- Avo Crazy Avocado Puffs. In other words, The Naked Market has turned a food everyone love – AVOCADOS -- into a healthy and innovative puff that can be enjoyed on the go. With great stuff like fiber, protein, and good fats - these puffs are sure to become a part of your regular snacking routine!

The Naked Market’s Avo Crazy Avocado Puffs come in three tantalizing flavors; Vegan Cheddar, Vegan Ranch, and BBQ Salsa.

The Vegan Cheddar Puffs taste just like a cheese puff, but without all the bad stuff! These crunchy, crispy, vegan cheddar flavored avocado puffs are gluten free, dairy free, vegan, and so delicious you won't believe it’s a healthy way to snack! These puffs are the perfect guilt-free, nutrient-dense, tasty, non-greasy alternative to regular chips or puffs, and they will melt in your mouth!

The Vegan Ranch variety tastes just like ranch, but without all the bad stuff! As with the Vegan Cheddar variety, these crunchy, crispy, ranch flavored avocado puffs, are gluten free, dairy free, vegan, and so delicious.

Finally, the crunchy, crispy, BBQ Salsa flavored avocado puffs, are gluten free, dairy free, vegan, and so delicious.

WARNING: All of The Naked Market’s puffs are addicting so you’re not crazy, you’re just “Avo Crazy.”

For more information on The Naked Market please visit www.thenakedmarket.com.


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