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JAN 19 - 26, 2020
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TRAVEL & ENTERTAINMENT: Children's Fairyland in Oakland Is as Magical for Children as Ever!

Jul 15, 2019
by Jan Miller
Children's Fairyland has delighted children and their parents since 1950 with whimsical storybook sets, gentle rides, friendly animals, and live entertainment. For youngsters, Children’s Fairyland is, in many ways, a timeless reminder of the joys of standing three-feet tall. There is so much to explore with all the famous storybook sets, rides, and gardens.

Local architect William Russell Everitt designed the original storybook sets. His whimsical creations feature off-kilter walls, bright colors, and — most important — child-size proportions. Children’s Fairyland has added to and remodeled many sets over the years, but always in the original spirit.

With Children’s Fairyland’s storybook sets, some of the best-known, and most-loved stories come to life. Some of these sets include: “The Old Lady in the Shoe,” located at Fairyland’s entrance. Here, everyone is greeted who approaches the Fairy Gates.

Inside Fairyland, one can enjoy the “Jack & Jill Hill,” a bright green sliding hill that encourages physical and imaginative play.

There’s also the “Jolly Roger Pirate Ship” from J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan, that beckons older children (and adventurous little ones) into the crow’s nest above the rope ladder. Watch out for the crocodile!

“Old West Junction,” completed in 2005, is another favorite. It features a livery stable, bank, jail, and water-tower slide. Kids can act out their favorite tall tales in fantasy play.

The “Alice in Wonderland Tunnel” twists and turns to bring young tunnelers into the playing-card maze. Tunnel windows show scenes from Alice’s adventures.

For the more adventurous, there’s the “Dragon Slide,” which may look big and fearsome to some. This slippery slope is fun for kids over four. Sorry, no adults!

“Willie the Whale” spouts water from his blowhole and invites visitors to climb into his belly while “Peter Rabbit’s Garden,” inspired by Beatrix Potter’s beloved tales, is home to both rabbits and guinea pigs. Stop by and say hello.

“Happy Dragon” welcomes kids to climb all over his back as he lounges inside the gates. Pull his tongue to hear a story about Fairyland, and be sure not to miss the “Fairy Music Farm Tunnel,” a 118-foot-long journey of discovery with interactive musical instruments, a landscaped courtyard, and a series of murals showing fairies from different cultures.

Along with the fabled storybook sets, Children’s Fairyland delights its patrons with staged puppet shows, featuring scripts, costumes, music, and sets designed by talented puppeteers. Don’t miss a chance to watch a production at the oldest continuously operating puppet theater in the U.S.

Children’s Fairyland is also the perfect venue to host birthday parties and other special events. Yes, having birthday cake and ice cream at a child’s birthday next to Cinderella’s slipper slide can be magical. Fairyland hosts catered birthday parties in three party areas -- Cinderella, Circus, and Japanese Tea Garden -- from April through October only. Between November and March one may rent the Cinderella or Circus party area for a birthday party you plan yourself.

From summer fun seven days a week to breezy winter weekends, Children’s Fairyland is open every season of the year. Currently (through August 18) Children’s Fairyland is open Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.; Saturday and Sunday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

For more information on Children’s Fairyland please phone (510) 452-2259 or visit


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