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TRAVEL & ENTERTAINMENT: Bankhead Theater’s “Summer in Space” Family Film Series to Honor Apollo Moon Landing’s 50th Anniversary

Jun 08, 2019
Livermore’s Bankhead Theater will again feature its Family Fun Film Series as it returns with “Summer in Space,” three films that reflect a human fascination with space and honor the 50th anniversary of the landmark Apollo moon landing. “Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan,” “Apollo 13,” and “WALL-E,” will be shown on the Bankhead’s newly-installed wide screen which now extends the full width and height of the stage with the curtain open, roughly twice the size of the prior screen. In addition, “Man on the Moon,” a special free art exhibit will be on display beginning July 10, 2019 in the Bankhead Gallery centered around stunning photographs from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA.) Tickets for the “Summer in Space” films are just $5 each for all ages. Popcorn, beverages, and space-themed snacks will be available for sale in concessions.

The Summer in Space series opens on Wednesday, June 19 at 7:00pm with “Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan.” In the second feature film based on the popular 1960s television show, the crew of the Starship Enterprise, including William Shatner as Admiral James T. Kirk, Leonard Nemoy (Spock) and DeForest Kelley (Dr. McCoy), must fight off the charismatic tyrant Khan as he tries to establish his own galactic empire. On July 10, the iconic phrase “Houston, we have a problem” will come to life in the Ron Howard film, “Apollo 13,” which captures the fraught and frightening moments of the 1970 lunar mission. “Apollo 13” stars Tom Hanks and Kevin Bacon. In the final film of the summer, dedicated robot WALL-E becomes captivated by EVE, a robot in search of planetary life, setting in motion one of Pixar’s most imaginative and charming adventures. “WALL-E” will be screened on August 7.

Livermore Valley Performing Arts Center strives to offer family-oriented entertainment for all ages. “WALL-E” is rated G (General Audiences) by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA.) “Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan” and “Apollo 13” are rated PG (Parental Guidance.) Parents know their children best and should make their own decision regarding appropriate content.

The “Man on the Moon” exhibit will be free and open to the public beginning July 10. Art, large format historical NASA photos, interactive family-friendly activities, auxiliary events and receptions will offer an opportunity to appreciate both the challenges and rewards of scientific discovery and space exploration.

This is the second summer for the Family Fun Film Series. The Bankhead’s Classic Film Musicals started in early 2018 and will resume this fall with favorites from the Golden Age of film musicals, accompanied by newsreels and cartoons of the era. Currently scheduled are “Royal Wedding” (1951) featuring Fred Astaire and Jane Powell on September 18, the beloved World War II musical “South Pacific (1958) with Mitzi Gaynor and Rossano Brazzi on October 16, and “High Society” (1956) featuring a star-studded cast of Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra and Grace Kelly on November 13.

For more information visit lvpac.org.


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