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“KITCHEN GOURMET” – IPS Protein Snacks

Feb 15, 2019
Everyone seems to be talking about IPS Perfect Snacks… and for good reason. With IPS you can enjoy your favorite snacks without guilt, so you can snack endlessly and delight your taste buds when you get that craving

Yes, say goodbye to senseless snacking and hello to nutritious, delicious protein packed chips and pop! IPS protein snacks will most definitely make your next snack-attack a mouth-watering experience that will satisfy your cravings fast and keep the hunger at bay.

IPS protein snacks, both Perfect Pops and Perfect Chips, give you license to guilt-free munching! Your body needs protein to keep your energy levels stable and boost your metabolism. With that in mind, IPS has got your back with a convenient and tasty protein snack for when those cravings strike!

IPS Perfect Pop takes popcorn to a whole new level of pop-smacking perfection! Designed to cast your hunger pangs away, Perfect Pop is the ideal combination of protein and taste. With as much protein as 20 almonds, Perfect Pop is made with all-natural ingredients, including non-GMO corn. Best yet, there is ZERO guilt, no empty calories — unlike greasy microwave popcorn — and 100 percent taste. Perfect Pop is flavored in two awesome ways that will make you crave for more: Classic Salted and White Cheddar.

Likewise, as with the Perfect Pops, IPS Perfect Chips are proudly made in the USA, and offer a healthy alternative to other, more typical chips. With IPS you may enjoy your favorite snack without guilt and delight your taste buds when you get that craving with a 6-gram protein boost per serving and a crunch like no other. With merely half the fat of fried potato chips, IPS Perfect Chips are never baked, fried, or popped, so say goodbye to fatty oils and salty grease! These chips have zero trans fats, zero saturated fats, are gluten-free, low sodium, and Kosher, made with non-GMO corn and whey protein. There are absolutely no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives, and no MSG. IPS Perfect Chips pack great nutrition without sacrificing the great taste you want. IPS Perfect Chips come in four great flavors:

BBQ FLAVOR: Experience the perfect mildly spicy taste of delicious hickory smoke BBQ with just a hint of sweetness, with 6g of protein.

CINNAMON FLAVOR: Offering just the right amount of sweetness, one can experience a perfect mild cinnamon flavor and enjoy it with no guilt, knowing each ounce is packed with 6 grams of protein.

SEA SALT and BLACK PEPPER FLAVOR: Experience the savory taste and earthy spice of ground black pepper with just a hint of onion and garlic, with 6g of protein.

AGED WHITE CHEDDAR FLAVOR: These chips offer a satisfying savory aged white cheddar flavor with just a hint of salty goodness, with 6g of protein.

Each of these chip flavors serve perfectly as a side dish or on-the-go snack. Happily, now you can munch morning or night, pre- or post-workout, or whenever you like! Simply toss a bag in your duffel when you’re out and about, pack them in your child’s lunchbox, or serve them at a party to share the goodness with your family and friends.

The IPS mission is to eliminate senseless snacking. These Perfect Pop and Perfect Chips serve as great tasting and satisfying snacks that delight your taste buds and at the same time provide the nutrition your body craves. Yes, these snacks are highly addictive -- in the best way!

For more information on IPS Snacks please visit www.ipsproteinsnacks.com.


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