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BOOK REVIEW: “The Wicked Healthy Cookbook” by Chad Sarno, Derek Sarno, and David Joachim

Sep 08, 2018
Chefs Chad and Derek Sarno are among the world’s foremost authorities on plant-based cooking and, with prolific author and collaborator David Joachim, are now sharing their secrets to making killer meals in “The Wicked Healthy Cookbook: Free. From. Animals.”, with a foreword by Woody Harrelson.

“The Wicked Healthy Cookbook” (Grand Central Life & Style; $27.00/hardcover) celebrates the central role beautiful, craveable food plays in our health and vitality. More than 125 plant-based recipes for everyday cooking and fancy dinner parties alike will make the most die-hard meat-eaters happy. Chad, Derek, and David are plant-pushers, not meat-shamers! They show one how to kick back and indulge now and then, too, all while keeping it plant-based. That’s part of the plan: Shoot for 80 percent healthy and 20 percent wicked, and you’ll be 100 percent sexy – it’s the ‘Wicked Healthy’ way.

Everybody knows they should eat more plants, but most think that plants can’t be delicious or that they don’t have the kitchen smarts to make these foods taste their best. Having spent decades practicing and perfecting their craft, Chad, Derek, and David are here to share their “plant-based 2.0” approach, including drool-inducing, no-holds-barred recipes such as Sloppy BBQ Jackfruit Sliders with Slaw, King Oyster Scallops with Shaved Asparagus and Corona Butter, Summer Vegetable Carpaccio, etc.

Cocktails, sauces and basics are also covered. Featured throughout are informative sidebars and innovative cooking techniques such as pressing and searing mushrooms until they reach as rich and delicious mea-like consistency. The authors also include must-have tips on everything from cooking oil-free and eating healthy on the run to organizing an efficient kitchen and balancing flavors and textures. Specific diets from gluten-free and no-added-sugar to soy, oil-, and nut-free are also accommodated.

“The Wicked Healthy Cookbook” is unlike any other book on the market and takes badass plant-based cooking to a whole new level with sumptuous recipes and equally gorgeous photographs. Everything the authors create is a bold marriage of delicate, punchy flavors and crunchy textures – all with knife-sharp attention to detail and a commitment to cooking food that everyone can savor. And they do it all with a healthy dose of fun.

* * * *

Chad Sarno is co-founder of the Wicked Kitchen line of foods in Tesco. He is also an ambassador for Rouxbe, the world’s largest online cooking school, where he launched the Professional Plant-Based Certification course.

Derek Sarno is the Executive Chef and Director of Plant-Based Innovation for Tesco, the third-largest food retailer in the world, and is co-founder of the Wicked Kitchen line of foods in Tesco and co-founder of Good Catch Foods.

David Joachim has authored, co-authored, or collaborated on more than forty cookbooks, including several award winners and bestsellers.


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